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Don't let them get away with it. 
I can help.


   Beatriz’s high-quality care for me in my sexual harassment case was invaluable. Beatriz cultivates an environment of safety, trust, and support where I truly felt I was allowed to be myself, without judgment. The knowledge and comfort of someone there for me, who believed me, and who listens, had a significant impact. She was deeply empathetic to my experience and needs and truly wanted to help me. Beatriz thoroughly reviewed my case and listened to my recollection of events before giving me advice about my case. 


   The trauma I had experienced had a profound impact on my journey through the legal system. Beatriz’s ability to build strong relationships with traumatized clients has value in and of itself. The thoughtful way she stands in the shoes of others--always seeking to understand--is incredible. I cannot say enough about the kindness, professionalism and legal ability demonstrated. The dedication and devotion she showed on my behalf will never be forgotten.



I reached out to Beatriz about a traumatic act of discrimination that my family and I received. I was in shock and didn't know what to do, or how to handle what happened. Beatriz was honest about what could happen with my case, timely with communication and thorough with the information that she requested and presented so that I had a strong case. Beatriz was also patient in explaining how the legal process works because this was unknown territory for me and I had many questions. My case ended up being settled for an agreement that my family and I are VERY satisfied with. I would recommend Beatriz if you want an attorney that provides quality service, while treating you like you matter.


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